Value Beyond Results

Kin Capital delivers innovative solutions to the rapidly changing world of real estate investments and financing.
Kin Capital’s advisory platform specializes in analyzing its clients’ portfolios and implementing custom made financial solutions to provide steady capital for future growth. Our clients vary from private real estate developers, publicly traded companies, asset managers, REITs, owner-operators to institutional investors, private equity funds, ultra high-net-worth investors and family offices.
Kin Capital advises its clients on a wide range of real estate sectors including multi-family, ground-up and mixed-use developments, industrial, hospitality, offices, retail and non-traditional asset classes across North America.
Canada & USA

M&A and Corporate Financing

Kin Capital’s relationships and experience in the public and private markets both locally and globally enables KIN to creatively structure and execute complex M&A and corporate financing transactions. The firm’s expertise in placing equity, debt, and other hybrid forms of capital solutions through diversified and efficient capital stacks provide its clients a competitive advantage in achieving their ambitious growth needs.  

Structured Financing

Kin Capital’s structured debt solutions both minimize higher-cost equity by achieving maximum leverage and blend senior and sub-debt at various leverage levels, together creating the most efficient cost of capital for its clients. KIN utilizes its hallmark vertical structuring resulting in optimal structure, pricing, and terms. By pairing preferred equity and mezzanine solutions with other sub-debt products, its clients are able to exploit a natural arbitrage between traditional and non-traditional capital sources.

Toronto, Canada

Funds and Programmatic Capital

Kin Capital developed unique expertise in structuring long-term joint-ventures through close-ended funds and other forms of partnerships between institutional capital to high-quality real estate operators for acquisitions and development projects across North America. This was achieved via diverse financing solutions, including JV equity, preferred equity, sponsor equity and various sub-debt products to deliver the most efficient cost of capital for its clients.

Capital Markets

Leveraging on its team’s global background and experience, Kin Capital provides its clients a larger and more diverse investor base across multiple capital markets worldwide. This reduces dependability on a specific market and ensures a constant flow of capital throughout market cycles.  Sophisticated financing vehicles such as publicly traded unsecured debentures, secured institutional debt, convertible notes and public equity generate this diversity.

Chicago, IL

Equity Placement

Kin Capital team’s substantial investment and management experience, along with its close-knit relationships with a large investor base, creates high comfort levels between both the sponsors and the institutional investors when structuring and placing the equity. We have the tools to pair the right source of capital to the specific sponsor who can lead the project to long-term success. Operating both domestically and internationally, Kin arranges large capital stacks of equity connecting capital to real estate properties across North America.

Investment Sales

Kin Capital regularly takes an active role in clients’ corporate strategy discussions and assists in structuring acquisition and disposition strategies across their portfolios to efficiently maximize returns, reduce risk, and create value. We leverage a strong network and relationships to underwrite transactions based on real-time knowledge of the constantly-changing supply and demand balance of the market in order to execute the strategy as fast and efficiently as possible.

Toronto, Canada